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Posted on October 17, 2012 in Blog

Well, it’s truly been a fantastic week for good news.

I found out today I have passed my Creative Writing MA with Distinction. This is the culmination of a two-year, part-time course while working full-time that followed a full-time, three-year English and Creative Writing degree while working part-time….got it?

Although I will miss NTU university life – particularly the great people and the library – it feels wonderful to watch the Great British Bakeoff on a week-night like a normal person instead of working all day and studying/writing assignments all evening.

Yes, I enjoyed the GB Bakeoff THAT much – but I did think Brendan would win.

My MA result follows recent amazing news received for my writing career. Macmillan publishers have acquired my debut YA novel SMART. As if this news were not staggering enough, I learned yesterday from my agent and Darley’s Rights Manager, Clare Wallace, that SMART has also been snapped up by German publisher DTV.

The wonderful Rights angels at Darley Anderson – my agent Clare and Rights Assistant Mary Darby – worked like Trojans all last week enticing publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair. SMART is now being read by lots of foreign publishers who will hopefully also decide they simply MUST have SMART on their list for 2013/14!!

I am REALLY excited!!

Now, in the interests of pace and plot I’ve greatly condensed the process of receiving the afore-mentioned exciting news. As with writing good dialogue, I have not detailed every last word spoken as in real-life so as not to bore the reader. I haven’t mentioned the days, weeks, even months of waiting patiently…then not-so-patiently. No news, then a sniff of possible news, then nothing….THEN…nothing….then: RESULT!

Debut writers beware – this stuff takes time and you have no control over it as the author. On the bright side, when it finally does come, it feels awesome!

Meanwhile, back at the day job….

The dizzy heights of book deals has been tempered by my involvement in several Academy audits. One minute I’m at home, hypnotically staring into the middle distance, imagining my book printed in at least two languages and feeling quite clever….the next, I am at work, jumping to attention when an auditor so much as squeaks in my direction.

Thank goodness for my family, friends and my Agency, who have all been so supportive and have turned into counsellors-cum-publishing experts in the interests of keeping me sane.

It’s a funny old life but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Chuffed to be sharing the page with bestselling authors incl Martina Cole, Lee Child and John Connolly! See it here…..

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