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Smart has received some amazing reviews and I’m grateful to each and every person who has given their time and effort in writing one.

It is particularly touching to have received reviews from people who have Asperger’s Syndrome or autism or from those who work with people who are on the spectrum.

These reviews include a lovely Lowry card received via my publisher, from a form teacher and SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator) at a school in London. The person wrote:

‘I felt that I had already met Kieran Woods, he was so well observed…I shall certainly recommend the book to my pupils.’

I have also received direct feedback on Twitter.

On 4th June 2014, @rachelVerna, who is dyslexic and has a brother who is autistic, tweeted her review which you can read here:

Tom, who lives in Nottingham, sent me a message on Facebook on 17th August 2014:

‘Just finished your book Smart. My ex bought it for me as I have Aspergers and work in Nottingham. It was absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t put it down. Thank so much for writing such a good book.’

I don’t label Kieran in the book by stating he is autistic or has Asperger’s Syndrome, but of course, he has his own teaching assistant support in class in the form of Miss Crane. Kieran’s voice came to me just as it was, he sees the world in a different way and doesn’t judge people on appearances…great values to have!

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Kieran spends alot of thinking time by the River Trent . . .


  • Livvy says:

    I’d like to know a little about Kieran’s early years eg before living with Tony and Ryan. Were there happier times in the early years? Any thoughts?

    • kim says:

      Hi Livvy,
      Kieran has known happier days in is younger years, certainly he had good times with his Grandma and also with his mum, before she met Tony. Sometimes, he thinks back to those occasions. Although he often thinks about the past, Kieran doesn’t dwell in it and his nature is to try and make the best of the present and to see the good in it wherever possible.
      Best wishes,

  • chloe payne says:

    I have asc and realy enjoyed your books. are you writing anymore?

    • kim says:

      Hello Chloe, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books. My next one is out May 2017, keep an eye on my website for details.
      Best wishes, Kim

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