Ellis Guilford’s Year 7’s rewrite ‘The Bully’!

Posted on June 25, 2015 in News & Events

In May I visited the wonderful Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at Ellis Guilford School in Nottingham to give a two hour Creative Writing workshop to a talented and enthusiastic group of Year 7 students.

‘Smart and Art’ was the theme of the first half of the workshop; an interactive session exploring the use of LS Lowry’s art in the book. The group proved to be skilled at ‘getting inside the head’ of Smart’s protagonist, Kieran Woods.

Lowry's An Island

For the second half of the workshop, we looked at the theme of bullying in the book and focused on developing character in our writing, specifically taking the character of ‘the bully’ to create inner conflict and depth.


The students wrote some great pieces during the session and we had lots of volunteers to read work out. I was delighted when some students chose to work on them further in their own time.  Mrs Davison, the LRC Manager, sent me ­some of the students’ excellent writing, several extracts of which I have featured below.


I’ve been so impressed with how the students were able to use their writing skills to show a different side to the stereotypical ‘bully’ figure, creating three-dimensional characters and adding depth and interest for the reader.


Well done Year 7 . . . keep writing!




Daisy H.

I started to scrunch my fist. I could hear a voice in my head saying, don’t punch. I yelled at him “you’re nothing but a waste of space!”. Kieron started to cry. What should I do? I know my life isn’t in the best state now but I can’t bully. All my mates were staring at me. “I’m sorry Kieron, I was in a bad position, I had no right, I’m sorry. “


Leona J.

So I said, “Oi you special boy.” He didn’t reply so I pushed him. He fell over and face planted the floor with a bang. He got up and said, “what was that for?” He started to cry. I replied saying “you big special baby.” He doesn’t reply but I slap him as I think to myself, if I don’t bully then nobody will like me. I walk away.


Charlie R.

Kieron Woods was sitting in the money puzzle tree in the playground. Me and my friends go up to him. He does nothing. So I said, “oi you special boy” he doesn’t answer. He tried to get up but I push him back down again. He still sits there and does nothing. So Kieron says to me and my friends “what did I ever do to you, why can’t we just be friends.” I feel so guilty, what do I do? Finally I answer, “OK let’s all be friends. I am so sorry.” We left him alone and we never bullied him again.


Jack O.

“Hey, you little runt.” He backed away so I stamped on Kieron’s foot. “Ow that hurt, leave me alone please.” So I thought that if I get mad I can take it out on someone else. “Sorry Kieron, it’s just when I walked up you ignored me and I got angry.”


Sam C.

Kieron was sitting in the monkey puzzle tree, he was staring at the ground, lonely as can be, and then Gareth comes over. All that Kieron can see is 2 feet blocking his view, he looks up slowly.


“Hey, lonely!” Gareth beams, “look at me.” Kieron kept on starring in the same spot, Gareth’s feet. “I said look at me, NOW!” Kieron has a debate in his head, should I look up? Should I say anything? The answers were yes. Slowly Kieron looks up, he whispers “go away, what do you want?” Gareth turns red with anger.


“YOU DO NOT BACKCHAT ME” Gareth kicks Kieron. Inside Gareth felt sorry for Kieron, but this killed Gareth. Next thing Gareth sees a tear drip down Kieron’s face. “You wait” Gareth bellows. Gareth’s hands clenched, my fist shake there was a voice.


“You wait” Gareth says.


BBBBBBB My heart raced. All of a sudden there was a voice. A voice that was far away, a voice that was angry. Then I realised it was Mrs. Crane, she had seen what had happened and she was mad. I wondered what mum would have done, I heard another voice and it sounds like Mum.


“Mum” I say. I look behind me, no one was there. Then I hear it again, “well done” then I see my Grandma right in front of me. I  blink and she’s gone.


I wake up in the field right by the Monkey puzzle tree. Everyone was gone, I start to go to my next lesson. I happen to glance down at my watch and try to work out the time. My friend would tell me the time, so from what I have remembered it is 3….30. I run out to the gates, which are just closing as I look left, I see them, the bullies. I froze.


Once I finally got control over my body again, I hide behind a car.


All the way home, I was stuck behind them and every time they looked around, I had to hide and pray that they wouldn’t see me. Now that I’m at home, I smell fish and chips. I follow the smell, the smell leads to the living room where my stepdad (Tony) and my stepbrother (Ryan). As quick as I can I leave the room, but I hear someone get up. The door slams open and it’s Tony. He tells me go to my room, before he carries me up there. When he says, I feel his breath on my check. I say “please, you’re in my personal area.” He turns red with anger.


His hand clenches and all of a sudden I get picked up and I get carried upstairs to my room and chucked on my bed. He goes out the room and locks the door. I’m staring out the window. I see mums car approach at the top of the street. It is happiness. It is joy. It is freedom.


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