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My second Young Adult novel, ‘A Seven-Letter Word’ was launched at Waterstones, Nottingham last night.

Here I am in the taxi with perfect makeup professionally applied by my daughter…on our way and very excited!

A sell-out crowd was treated to spectacular views across Nottingham from the wonderful Sillitoe Room on the top floor of the store.


Catherine Alport, Jess Rigby and Leanne Bennett from the communications team (publicity and marketing) at Macmillan Children’s Books made sure everything ran smoothly with the guests throughout the evening. Publicist Nina Douglas, who is doing brilliant work with me on the book, was unable to attend but I’d like to thank all these amazing ladies for their hard work.

Guests were treated to refreshments and very cute ‘A Seven-Letter Word’ cupcakes . . .


. . . not to mention top-notch musical entertainment from my talented stepson Jake!



My wonderful editor Rachel Kellehar at Macmillan was ill and sadly couldn’t be there. She worked with me very closely on ‘A Seven-Letter Word’ and the book absolutely benefited from her fantastic editorial insight. Rachel offers me constant support and encouragement with my writing.

Missed you Rachel, thank you for everything you do! X


Rachel had planned to say a few words but in her absence, my agent Clare Wallace from the Darley Anderson Children’s Book Agency stepped in and said a whole host of wonderful things. Thank you Clare . . . she forgot to mention how brilliant she is herself! I was so happy that the dynamic Darley Anderson foreign rights team were there too – Mary Darby and Emma Winter. Thank you for all you do.

Then Dan Donson, the events manager at Waterstones NG gave me a great introduction. Here’s a pic of a glimpse of Clare speaking and  Dan . . .


Then it was my turn! I rather breathlessly (after twenty minutes greeting guests at the door!) took the stage and said a few words. More than a few, I think…oops. I also gave a reading from the book. Dan asked some really great, searching questions about my writing and then opened the chat up to the audience for a Q&A session.


Then it was more music from Jake and refreshments for the guests but straight on to the book signing corner for me! It was a very, very long queue but on I soldiered with the help of the Macmillan comms team and just when the last book had been signed . . . I started on the shop stock, with a smile of course! Thank you to everyone who bought a book and stood in line for so long, it was very much appreciated.

K bks

Waterstones had some of their own amazing ‘A Seven-Letter Word’ artwork around the store. My daughter grabbed me for yet another photo opportunity . . .


My lovely husband was there to support me, as he does constantly in my writing . . .


Lots of snaps taken whilst signing – here’s me and my wonderful agent, Clare.

K & Clare

And one with the DA fab foreign rights team, Mary (R) and Emma (L) . . .

K & DA

To cap off an already fabulous evening, I was presented with flowers and a beautiful silver ‘Scrabble tile’ necklace from my publisher, Macmillan. What a lovely touch!


I was touched to see so many family and friends from far and wide, who had all made the effort to be there. Wonderful students from schools I have visited together with many wonderful librarians and education staff from the region. I met lots of new people who had bought tickets from the store . . . all these made for a sell-out crowd.

I’d like to thank everyone who came to the launch. I was sad not to be able to mingle and chat after leaving the stage but books were begging to be signed! Thank you to Waterstones Nottingham and particularly to Dan Donson for hosting the evening.

My second book is now out there and a very beautiful hardback it is too, thanks to the Macmillan design team and illustrator Helen Crawford-White. I do hope everyone enjoys getting to know Finlay of ‘A Seven-Letter Word’ and me? Well, I’m already busy working on my next book!



  • Andy Turner says:

    Fantastic Kim. Today, just finished another great Notts writer’s 10 novel, Robert Harris’s ‘Dictator’. Whilst I’m no young adult these days, I love reading – all sorts, and will ensure its on my this years list. I loved Mark Haddon’s Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. My last book was Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set a Watchmen’ following on from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

    • kim says:

      Hi Andy,
      Great to hear from you! I didn’t know Robert Harris hailed from Notts until you mentioned it. My first YA novel ‘Smart’ has been compared favourably with ‘Curious Incident’ so I feel very flattered! I see you are an avid reader like myself. I read really widely too, love commercial crime, literary prizelist fiction and of course I read YA. Please do let me know if you manage to read one of mine! Best wishes, Kim x

  • Nanette says:

    A wonderful launch for a superb novel!
    Well deserved success for a talented writer, and a lovely person!

    • kim says:

      Thanks so much Nanette, you are too kind! So good to see you and Roy at the launch, sadly not enough time to catch up! x

  • Paul Gregson-Allcott says:

    I loved Smart and based on that book, am definitely going to read Seven Letter Word. I had a stutter at school in the early eighties, which was linked to a nervous tic and made my life difficult for quite a few months until my Mother suggested I just ignore all the comments and live with it. Weirdly, this rather stark advice worked and although the stutter lasted another 2yrs, the bullying eventually just dissipated. My nervous tic involved uncontrolled blinking which led to neck pain and so I also used to wander around with my neck at a slight angle. I will be interested to see how you approach it.

    • kim says:

      Thanks Paul, I’d really like to know what you think to the book, particularly how I approach the problems Finlay has with his stutter and dealing with the nightmare of going to school everyday, unable to conceal it. Many thanks for your comment.

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